Advertiser Terms

Introduction- The agreement between the advertisers and the has the Insertion order and the terms and conditions. The pricing is also provided in the Insertion orders.

Registration- Registration is a matter that is subjected to the’s approval and the advertiser’s continuous compliance with the terms and conditions as well as the future changes that will be notified.

Implementation- If the advertisers are in agreement with the provisions and conditions offered by the then only proper delivery of the services are possible from time to time.

Communications- The advertisers must agree to direct to and not to any other publishers regarding Ad(S) and Link(s) displayed in connection to the advertisers’ properties. The advertisers must agree that contacting any publisher will cause harm to and advertisers will be held responsible for the damage done.

Responsibility- The advertisers will be singularly responsible for the Properties that include the content, maintenance and operations for the proper implementation of the’s conditions and for the adherence of the terms of the formal agreement.

Warranty- After the completion of the registration as an advertiser the client deals in any sort of illegal content then will suspend the account with immediate effect without any prior notification.

Termination- The advertisers may also terminate the agreement by sending written notices to the

Confidentiality- The advertisers must agree not to disclose’s exclusive and confidential information without the consent of the company.

Payment- The payment shall be made by the advertisers to in accordance to the terms of insertion order agreed upon by both the parties. Failure of payment will lead to a lot of damage to the and the advertisers will be responsible for it.

Publicity - The advertisers must agree that will use their name and logo for the purpose of presentation, marketing, customer lists and financial reporting with due written approval.

Representations and Warranties-The advertisers must represent and warrant that all the information presented to for the purpose of registration is correct and absolutely current.

Information Rights- may preserve and utilize the subjects of privacy policy and the information the advertisers provide.

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