Domain Parking

Domain parking actually means registration of an internet domain name but the domain is not related with any service like the e-mail or a website. This is normally done to set aside the domain name for the future development. This also done to guard against any possible cyber squatting. Domain parking can be divided into categories- monetized and non-monetized. In monetized domain parking, advertisements are shown to the visitors and the domain is “monetized”. But in a non-monetized domain,’ under construction” or “coming soon” message maybe displayed on the domain by the registrar or the reseller.

eUpClick has completely revolutionized the meaning of domain parking. Conventional parking firms make use of a PPC feeds to monetize the domains. But we have made it much smarter by creating a domain parking monetization program that monetizes the domain with the help of CPC, CPM and CPA as it offers greater RPMs the portfolio.

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  • We accept all sorts of domains.
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